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Our wide range of liquid filter bags is well known for its remarkable filtration abilities. The entire series is produced using carefully chosen media in accordance with the requirements of the process industry. Additionally, we are capable of designing and creating the range utilising a variety of media, including needle felt, mono-filament, and multi-filament. These are extremely successful at removing solid particles from liquids where there are high levels of pollution because they were created in accordance with established industry standards. These are also perfect for locations where filtering highly viscous fluids is necessary. Additionally, we provide Special Purpose and Multipurpose Bags.

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Specialised filter media are enclosed within liquid filter bags, also known as filter socks or filter pouches, which are made of fabric or mesh. In many industrial applications, they are utilised to filter and remove solid particles from liquid flows.


These substances offer excellent chemical compatibility with a variety of liquids and high filtration efficiency. To meet diverse filtration needs, the filter bags are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and micron grades.


The porous fabric or mesh of the liquid filter bags allows the liquid to pass through while catching and holding solid particles inside the bag. A filter housing, which offers stability and protection for the filter bags.

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