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Wire Mesh Filter is woven in both plain and twill weave patterns and contains more finer wires in the Shute direction. It is typically evaluated in absolute microns or nominal microns, both of which are represented in microns, according to the size of particle it will hold.

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According to the application requirement or customer recommendation, wire mesh filter media can be provided for hydraulic filters, including suction filters, return line filters, pressure line filters, and others.

Pumps are safeguarded against severe pollution that could cause them to grip using suction filters.

Return filters are used as process and safety filters to guard against contamination in hydraulic circuits and pumps.

To prevent contamination of specific valves or the entire hydraulic circuit, high pressure filters are utilised as process filters.

Regarding the needed OD dimension and filtering rating, disc filters may be supplied.

There are several types of basket filter elements available, including cylindrical basket filters, conical designs, pleated designs, and double surface filters.

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