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Basket Strainers

A perforated or mesh-lined basket that is contained inside of a strainer body or housing makes up a basket strainer. The basket, which is frequently composed of metal like stainless steel, is intended to catch and hold solid particles that are larger than the filter apertures.

The mesh or perforations of the basket allow the liquid to pass through while catching and keeping the solid particles. The fluid enters the basket strainer through an inlet. The caught debris in the basket is subsequently left behind while the filtered fluid is expelled through an outlet.

 Products specifications - 

  • Customized product to meet the individual space and performance requirement.

  • Available to direct assemble in line size.

  • Cross design Basket Filter Element

  • line size of 1⁄2” to 24” and more

  • 10 micron to 2 mm filtration rating is available

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